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    My name is Amber, I am married to my hubby Steve and we have three boys, Reid {2.5} and Eli {1.5} and newborn Henry {March 5,2013}. I am also a photographer and you'll see some posts of my work periodically. I am taking only portrait clients this year as we are kept pretty busy with our babies. Most photos on the site are of my family right now, taken with my DSLR and trusty iphone. :) Feel free to send me an email in the contact form for availability :)

    Still working on editing my blog when I have a free hand :)

Day 126- Henry {18 weeks old}


Henry was giggling when I brushed my hair on his face…what a sweetheart

This is a common scene in our house.

Henry spits up and we just turn him towards the floor.

Don’t worry, we pick it up:)

I told Reid that I got him a butterrum muffin from Hannaford and he said, ‘ Oh yes! A butter crumb muffin! I love butter crumbs!” <3



Eli woke up at 4am.

He kicked us for 2 hours until we had to get up.

He then promptly fell asleep on the couch.

He’s still cute, despite the early wake up.