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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Day 66

You are such a happy guy in the morning. Today Mormor helped you learn how to hold onto a toy. Later on in the night youView full post »

Day 65

Tonight you moved up into size medium g diapers. You really are growing up…we’ll see on Thursday how muchView full post »

Day 64

Today was your first trip to Sebago Lake. Mormor, Papa G, Daddy and Mommy all went and enjoyed a very warm afternoonView full post »

Day 63-{9 weeks old}

You were mister serious this morning for your photo shoot. You are getting so big.View full post »

Day 62

We love your baby blues. We hope they stay blue. Lately they have a little bit of brown and green around your pupils&#View full post »

Day 61- {2 month letter}

Dear Reid (aka. Bubba, Mr.Bubbles, Bugaboo or Winkey), You are 2 months old today. That means that I have known you forView full post »

Day 60

You love bath time Little clean baby burrito.View full post »

Day 59

Do you think we look alike? You were not very happy at dinner tonight…I think you were jealous that Daddy and IView full post »

Day 58

Today your clothes make me want to eat a half vanilla/half chocolate ice cream cone…with rainbow sprinkles forView full post »

Day 55

Look how strong I am Mommy!!!!View full post »

Day 54

You have started something new. When you are getting sleepy you try REALLY hard to suck your thumb and you rub the backView full post »

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