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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Day 94

You were sad, so Daddy played you a new song. You liked it.View full post »

Day 93

Well, my instincts were correct. This afternoon Reid rolled over for the first time! Enjoy the video!View full post »

Day 92-{3 month letter)

Dear Reid, Today you are 3 months old. Your greatest accomplishment this month was learning how to laugh. Daddy and IView full post »

{Embrace the camera}-September 23rd

Daddy edition of Embrace the Camera.  Picking out a bar of chocolate at Whole Foods.View full post »

Day 89

As I was drawing water for your bath, this is what I saw. You are getting so strong and pudgy! :o)View full post »

Day 88

Ha ha ha!!! Cross eyed looking at your favorite ball!!View full post »

Day 87

Yippee!! You figured out how to get the spoon in your mouth. Daddy was teaching you how to play the djembe and you lovedView full post »

Day 86

Taking a nap with Daddy at camp. Melt my heart.View full post »

Day 85

At Starbucks in Freeport with Mommy, Daddy and Uncle Rick. You are precious!!!View full post »

Day 84- {12 weeks old}

This week’s title: Mr.Bubbles Later on in the day we finally captured your infamous pout…you were very tiredView full post »

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