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Reid-{23 months old}

Somehow we managed to get a happy picture….but most of the shoot looked a bit like this…..View full post »

Reid-{22 months old}

Dear Reid, Mama can not believe that in 2 months you will be 2 years old! You are turning into such a little boy. YouView full post »

Reid-{20 months old}

Dear Reid, WOW! I cannot believe that you are 20 months old and that Daddy and I are parents to an almost 2 year old.View full post »

Reid-{19 months old}

Dear Reid, Oh where do I begin? You are becoming such a little boy. I love the way you communicate with us, the way youView full post »

Reid-{17 months old}

November 26, 2011 Dear Reid, You are now almost 1 1/2 years old. This past month your eagerness to learn has exploded!View full post »

Reid-{16 months old}

Dear Reid, Today you are 16 months old! This month you have become quite the chatterbox. You “talk” a lot whenView full post »

Reid-{15 months old}

Dear Reid, Happy 15 month birthday! You are soooo much fun to be with and you are learning new things every day. I loveView full post »

Reid-{14 months old}

Dear Reid, Happy 14 month birthday! We have seen this grow in you when we brought Eli home. The way you love yourView full post »

Reid-{13 months old}

Dear Reid, You are 13 months old today. Mama went to the hospital today to have your little brother. You stayed withView full post »

Day 365-{12 months old}

Letter to follow…Momma’s tired. 🙂View full post »

Day 334-{11 months old}

Dear Reid, You are 11 months old today. I can not believe that in just one short month you will be 1 year old! You haveView full post »

Day 304-{10 months old}

Dear Reid, Happy 10 month birthday! I can’t believe that you age has two digits. I know I’m being sappy, but you areView full post »

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