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Day 92-{3 month letter)

Dear Reid,
Today you are 3 months old. Your greatest accomplishment this month was learning how to laugh. Daddy and I can’t get enough of that sound. The funny part is the only way we can get you to laugh really hard, is to hold you upside down and wiggle you. You only giggle when we tickle your feet or thighs. Speaking of thighs, I think you have gained some more weight since last month just by looking at your legs! It’s amazing how grown up you are getting. I know I have said that every month so far, but it really is quite amazing. You are so precious! You also learned how to prop yourself up on your arms when you are laying on your belly. You look so proud every time you do that and I have a feeling that you are going to learn to roll over very soon.
You love to play now and have learned how to bring a toy to exactly where you want it to be. The other day you were playing on your activity mat and laughed at what you saw in the mirror above your head, which of course was you. I was cooking and it was so fun to hear you from the other room laughing without being provoked by anyone. 
You are still very relaxed and you are starting to snuggle in when you want to be held. It is so cool to see you hold onto Daddy's shirt and nuzzle into his do the same thing with Mormor too. 
Lately you really want to explore your surroundings and how everything feels. You will often reach to touch our faces, which makes me smile. You are such a sweet little man. When we go on walks you are constantly moving your head to see everything that is passing by (unless you are sleepy), and have become more "talkative" about what you see. It is so fun to see you want to learn and Daddy and I can’t wait to teach you all about anything that you want to know.
I love you more than you know,


Day 93

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