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Day 98-14 weeks old

You are precious!

We went on quite the adventure this afternoon. Daddy and I wanted to go for a walk to get some fresh air, so we drove to the Eastern Prom, like usual, and started walking. Well we ended up walking all the way down town to a coffee shop on Commercial St. You also ate while we were there. They had a lovely leather couch that worked quite well for nursing you. The funny part was that from the outside you would think that it was an artsy jazz type coffee shop...well it was artsy but they listened to rap. Daddy and I had fun making you dance on the table and listening to the rap we haven't heard before. We  walked down the the Maine State Pier and figured that would be an easier place to change your diaper and we could gaze at the GIANT cruise ship while we were at it. That is one BIG boat! It was about dinner time so we decided to get Flatbread to go. Daddy went in and ordered and they said it would be about 15 minutes. Well 40 minutes later we got our pizza. Apparently they messed it up and had to make it again, but they have great customer service and gave us a coupon for a free pizza the next time we visit. So we walked back down to the pier, ate our pizza while being carefully watched by a HUGE seagull and you took a nap. By the time we got back to the car it was dark....what a fun adventure!!

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