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Day 183-{6 months old}

Dear Reid,
Today you are 6 months old, that is half of a year!! You have grown into a little man and have learned so many things. You now sit on your own and most of the time you don’t fall over. Sometimes if you get distracted or look up too high you fall over, but you just roll over onto your belly and pretend that nothing happened. You are doing MUCH better at eating solid food now. At first you didn’t quite know how to swallow correctly and would spit most of it out. It took a LONG time to feed you but now you gobble up what is served to you pretty quickly. You love sweet potatoes the best so far, which is funny because Daddy and I don’t really like them. You also like applesauce and bananas.
Mormor taught you how to splash in the bathtub so now you do that to everything, even if you are not in the tub. When you are in your jump-a-roo you hit the toys with both hands to make them spin, when you are excited you hit the highchair or lap that you are sitting in and you even hit Mommy’s face, but not on purpose. :o) 
You are teething and have been grumpy for a few days, which is not your normal temperament. I can’t wait for that tooth to come in so you can have some relief from the pain and Mommy and Daddy can have some relief from the grumpies. I shouldn’t complain though, you really are still a very happy, chill little boy, even though your curiosity and noise levels are increasing daily.
You don’t understand yet, but you are going to be a big brother in July! Mommy and Daddy found out at the beginning of the month that you will have a little brother or sister to play with. We are very excited even though Mommy is VERY tired. :)
We love being your parents and are very grateful that God entrusted you to us. 
I love you more with each day that passes,

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