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Day 273-{39 weeks & 9 months old}

Dear Reid,
You are 9 months old today. You have learned so many new things this month! When I was making a list, I ran out of room! You are so fun to be with and Daddy and I love your new noises and “words”.  Here is a list of things you did or learned to do this month:
  • You got your first BIG bruise, right on your forehead because you decided to crawl off of the bed faster than Mommy could move to catch you.
  • You started crawling the day after you turned 8 months old and are SO fast now.
  • You pull up on everything and have no fear of falling.
  • You found the stairs, now we need a gate.
  • You experiment with the tone of your voice, a lot of times it sounds like you are yodeling.
  • You can say, Bob (who is that?) Hey, Hi, Mama, Dada, Baba, Nahnah and Dat
  • I don’t know how tall you are, but your clothes are getting too short
  • You LOVE to watch Daddy fly his model airplanes and kick your feet in excitement the whole time.
  • You are going to be a big brother to a little brother. Eli will be lucky to have you around.
  • You now have 4 teeth. They came in in this order, Lower left, Lower Right, Upper left and then the upper right.
  • You love to splash in the bathtub
  • You love motion
  • You LOVE jumping
  • You cruise all over the house and love to lead us to the playroom.
  • Your neck, back, legs and tummy are SUPER ticklish.
  • You like getting shoulder rides from Daddy, Mormor and Papa G.
  • Since your top teeth came in you love making an underbite. You look so cute when you stick your jaw out.
  • You still love looking out of the windows.
  • You learned how to wave and mostly wave at inanimate objects like, lights, the airplane above your crib and exit signs or ceiling fans.
  • You want to talk on the phone, but when we put the phone to your ear or on speaker you just smile or wave.
  • You love to look in mirrors.
  • You can open and close books
  • You can turn the stereo off and then back on again.
  • You love to look through the floor grate upstairs.

But most of all you love to EAT! You eat, meatballs, chicken soup, lentil soup, strawberrie/banana/pineapple puree, pineapples, pears, pasta, grilled cheese, pizza, milk, raisins, cheese, CHEERIOS, sweet potatos, prune/apple puree and you are starting to want what we are eating. 
We love that God gave us you. We look forward to what this month will bring and all the new things you will learn, you are amazing Reid.

Love always,

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