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Day 304-{10 months old}

Dear Reid,
Happy 10 month birthday! I can’t believe that you age has two digits. I know I’m being sappy, but you are growing up so quickly! I love all of the stages you have been through and I look forward to what is to come. Daddy and I really enjoyed you this past month. You are so fun and interactive and make us laugh A LOT!
This past month in bullets:
  • You learned to say, “Hey”
  • You put your hand on your head when we say, “ Oh no!”
  • You can click your tongue
  • You drum your lips with you fingers to make a noise that is hard to type.
  • You started to furniture walk
  • You are starting to be more social and try to have conversations with us.
  • At your 9 month check up you weighed 18lbs and were 28.5 inches tall
  • You are a little timid around new people, especially if the are loud talkers
  • When we help you walk around, you get so excited and almost “run”
  • You gained another too this month and #6 is on it’s way
  • You crawl quickly towards noises
  • From about 3PM to when Daddy gets home, if you hear any noise in the kitchen you do a little jump and crawl as fast as you can to the kitchen saying Dada the whole way.
  • We ask you where your belly button is and you pull you belly back so you can see it.
  • You climb all the way to the top of the couch (with supervision of course)
  • You are eating a lot of what we eat now and you enjoy it!
  • You laugh when we say, “ ZZZZZ-ipper”

You are a joy little boy!

Baby B-{26 weeks}

Day 303