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The Birthday Post...LOTS of pictures!!

He wasn't quite sure what to do with his cake...
But after some encouragement from Daddy....
He caught on.
I think he liked it!!
I don't know why, but I LOVE this picture.
Then after a quick bath, we headed outside to open presents.
I think he likes it.
This is the first thing he tried.
Boys...they love that noise. :)
Of course the cheap gifts were the biggest hit.
Then it was time for the first haircut. 
He did pretty well, but didn't want to sit still.
All was going well until....
Mormor got pooped on! 
A bird flew over and decided to poop on her head.
I got splashed with it, but not nearly as bad
as what Mormor got!!
So after cleaning up and changing outfits, we played with balloons.
Reid really, really, really liked the balloons.
Then we headed back outside
to open the present from 
Papa G and Mormor.
All of course while avoiding
the crime scene from the evil bird.
Reid loves to ride on Daddy's
They got Reid a sensory table! 
We still have to build the table part,
but for now this works pretty well.
After a while of just splashing in the water,
Reid decided to climb into the
He had a blast!
I think that Reid had a really fun day
doing the things that all 1 year olds like.
We are so blessed to have spent the last 
year with him.
We love our boy.

We love the Eastern Prom

Day 365-{12 months old}