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Reid-{13 months old}

Dear Reid,
You are 13 months old today. Mama went to the hospital today to have your little brother. You stayed with Mormor and Papa G at our house while we were at the hospital. You’re a brother now and I’m sure you’ll love Eli with the same big heart that you love us with.
This past month has been really fun and really hard. I have been really sore and tired as your brother has started to take up more room in my belly. I think you know that I am not feeling normal so you have been really clingy to Dada and Mormor. I have cried quite a few times, wishing that I could wrestle with you and Dada or that you could lay on my belly for a snuggle. I can’t wait until that day comes!!  You also cut your 2 bottom 1 year molars. That was the most uncomfortable I have ever seen you, molars are not nice! The top 2 1 year molars are working there way down now and you are just as uncomfortable again. The top 2 started to come about a week before Eli was coming. 
Now for the fun stuff. You are walking! We are so proud of you, little man! You were pretty cautious at first, but now you are almost running around the house. You learned how to walk over the threshold between the living room and kitchen without falling, how to climb the stairs (with supervision of course) and your balance is improving with each passing day. You love to pick up “heavy” toys and carry them across the room, while you do this you grunt and say “ohhh” to let us know it’s heavy. It is really fun to watch you explore the world from a different viewpoint. 
You are also a lot more aware of what you want and don’t want. You can understand a lot of things that we say, but just don’t know the words to say in response yet. It is really fun to watch you grow and learn new things. You say “hi” a lot, to your toys, to Mama and Dada and even to strangers in the store. You are becoming more social and want to play with kids that we pass in the store or at the park. You really love kids your same age and say a very loud and excited hi whenever we see them. :)
You love to help Mama unload the dishwasher. You’ll stand and take out the silverware one at a time and pass them to me to put away. You tilt your head to your shoulder with each item you take out and look up at me with your sweet puppy dog eyes. It doesn’t matter that it takes longer to get the job are so precious.
Your favorite spot to play is in the space between the kitchen cabinets and the rolling cart that we have the coffee pot on. You slide your way in that small space and play with the lunch boxes or a favorite toy. It’s so cute to see your little body squished in there, you are so small compared to the kitchen. You also love to play with the pots and pans in the drawer under the stove. You take out the lids and try to hang them up with the hand towels and then put them back in the drawer only to start over again. 
You love to wrestle with Dada in the playroom and on the bed. He hides his face and you go over and lift his head up by his hair, then Dada chases you across the room or bed and flips you over and tickles you or gives you raspberries. You have the best belly laugh when you rough house with Dada. When we hang out on our bed, you throw yourself around, flopping back onto pillows and blankets. We cherish mornings spent playing with you on the bed. It’s your form of quality time and we couldn’t be happier to give it to you. 
Your world changed today, on your 13 month have a brother now and I can’t wait to see you grow into that role in the next month.
I love you Reid and I am SO glad to be your Mama.


Baby B- {39 weeks}