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Reid's first trip to the ER

This weekend we stayed at camp to relax and enjoy the warm weather.
We invited our friends over for dinner and while we were cooking
the hamburgers, Reid touched the grill.
His right hand was burnt pretty badly.
We couldn't get him to calm down and from what we could tell
from Google, he had 2nd degree burns.
We decided that we needed to go to the ER.
He fell asleep on the way over and I carried him in to the ER,
half asleep. We were brought to a room to wait while Steve
filled out paper work etc. 
By the time we were seen, Reid was acting more like himself.
He liked that we let him play with the remote and he chowed down 
on crackers, since he hadn't eaten dinner.
He was a champ....he didn't like it when the DR put the bandage on
but once she stopped touching him, he kind of liked the "club" on his hand.
We left after about 2 hours at the hospital and went back to camp
to feed Reid some oatmeal and go to bed. 
We were exhausted.
Reid was exhausted.
Eli just slept the whole time....well apart from a couple of meals in the ER.

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