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Day 92-{3 months old}

Dear Eli,
I can not believe that you are 3 months old. It seems just a few days ago we were driving home from the hospital, as a family of 4. You have grown so big and alert this month. You are SUCH a happy baby and smile at most anything we do. You love it when we clap your hands together and say, “Yippeee or yea!!”
You are very chatty and let us know when you need some attention or food. True to my pregnancy with you, you are such a WIGGLE WORM! You never stop moving!
You are now going to bed around 8:30pm and wake around 7:30am. What a good boy you are! You learned how to roll over this month, it was so fun to watch you try and turn and then finally do it! What a strong little man. 
You aren’t spitting up as much lately, which is so nice, it’s not fun to pick up throw up and change your outfit every hour. (it wasn’t really that bad, I’m just exaggerating) You are still a pretty gassy baby and you have the best farts, sorry to embarrass you, but it’s true.
Some other random things about you this month:
You still have very lovely blue eyes. Not sure if you are going to keep them,only time will tell.
You usually hate your baths, but sometimes you don’t mind it and smile at us
You love to watch Reid in the playroom
You have the best chunky legs,belly and cheeks and the sweetest laugh and smile
You love to eat
The stroller makes you happy
You look really cute in hats. I think it’s because of your super cheeks.
You really want to sit up, but can’ try to anyway
You laugh in your sleep
You love to be warm and cozy
You are wearing size Medium G diapers 
It has been really fun to watch your personality come out this month. You are a sweet, happy, giggly little guy and we wouldn’t trade you for any other baby. :)
I love you more than you know,


Day 93

Reid-{16 months old}