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Reid-{16 months old}

Dear Reid,
Today you are 16 months old! This month you have become quite the chatterbox. You “talk” a lot when you play and I can see your imagination growing as you play. 
You really like trucks, fire trucks, cars, and your brother. I love watching you interact with him and then watching him respond to you. He loves you and smiles at you a lot. You are very busy and curious about the world. You want to know how everything works and study things intently.
We have gone to a couple of new playgrounds and you love to explore them. I can see how God created a spirit of adventure in you and it makes me smile. I want to explore and go on adventures with you, even if that means something as simple as looking a leaves, or drawing or looking at our eye lashes.
You learned how to say, truck (kuck) coffee (caakeee), Maisy (nee nee),Papa, Your name and Baby.  You love to make fire truck sounds.
I think you would live outside if we allowed you to. You love to play in the leaves and bring us the rake to make the pile bigger, after we rake it bigger, you run through and squeal with joy. We found a cozy coupe on the side of the road and picked it up for you. Little did we know, that you would ADORE that little yellow and red piece of plastic. You would also live in that car if we allowed you to. ;)
Other random things about you this month:
You got a faux hawk hair cut
You weigh 23lbs
You learned how to give butterfly kisses
You are starting to want to snuggle with me before bed ( Unheard of from my Daddy’s boy)
You had your first lollipop, and second and third....
YOU LOVE BOOKS! It is so fun to watch you take in the stories and pictures
You point at diapers (clean or dirty) and say Yucky or make a funny noise )thpppp
You say, “uh oh” or “Uh uh uh uh oooo”
You say Daaaa-Deeeee a lot and you are starting to say Mama or Mommy more
Sing to yourself when we are playing or in the car or while you are eating. It’s so cute.
Most of all you love flap books. Papa G taught you to knock on the door to see what is behind it. You would read for HOURS....and sometimes it would be the same book, over and over and over again. But I would read it to you over and over and over again just to get the chance to snuggle you and see you learn.
I love you Reid.

This picture captures a few
of Reid's loves.
Books, tractors and being nearly naked. :)

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