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Reid-{20 months old}

Dear Reid,

WOW! I cannot believe that you are 20 months old and that Daddy and I are parents to an almost 2 year old. There is something so special and wonderful about you at your current age. You are talking A LOT and try to say every word you hear. You are so fun and kind and loving to people around you, even strangers. 
I appreciate your desire to learn and your desire to communicate. It is so amazing to ask you a question and actually get a reply...well most of the time. :)
You are very much into firetrucks, animals, Papa, Mormor, Daddy and books. You are still fluctuating between having one nap in the afternoon and having a morning and afternoon nap. You have started pretending to put yourself to bed during the day, you look so sweet all covered up and ready to sleep...then you laugh and rip the covers off and nearly do a summersault off of the bed. You ask to go in the car a lot. I think we have a BIG case of cabin fever around here.
You are a risk taker when it comes to climbing....but that isn’t anything new, it’s just becoming more frequent that you risk your life. :) I love you Reid, and I’m so glad that God gave us you. Daddy and I enjoy your giggles and games. Most nights after we put you to bed, we miss you and talk about what makes us love you. :)
Love always,

Day 215-{7 months old}

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