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Day 275-{9 months old}

Dear Eli,
Today you are 9 months old. You are developing quite a personality. You love to crawl and chase your brother around
the house and you laugh at almost anything.
You are very curious and try to unplug things, this makes Mama & Dada nervous.
You love yogurt, bread, fruit stir fry, crackers and chicken burgers.
You are furniture walking and will stand on your own if you are holding a toy.
You can get off of the couch by yourself, climb small stairs, wave and if asked, you will give kisses.
You are taking better naps...and sometimes they are at the same time as Reid. Teething is rough on sleep
for you.Quite a few nights you have joined Daddy  & I in our bed for the night. I can't imagine what it
feels like to get teeth...poor little dude.
We really enjoy you and almost want to freeze you at the age you are at.
You are so fun and do the funniest things and make the cutest noises.
We love you very much.
Love always,

Reid-{22 months old}

{Embrace the camera}-April 26th