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Day 324-Early celebration of Father's Day

This is going to be sort of a random post....but it's all I can do right now :)

Eli played the drums with Daddy, when Daddy got home from work,

it was very unlike him to be so serious. But it was adorable.


Steve requested that we celebrate Father's day by going to Burger King for dinner.

Let me just take a moment here to vent about the portion sizes at Burger king.

We ordered a medium meal....look at how tiny the fries are compared to the drink....

also look at how HUGE the apple juice is!!! In a kid's meal!!!!

Reid did love it quite a bit though since he doesn't get juice at home :)

You know that you are officially a Daddy when you change a diaper in the back of your mini van....wearing a crown.

I love him.

Our next stop was the playground.

While walking to the slides, Reid reached up to hold my hand.

It made my heart happy. He didn't need to hold my hand, but he wanted to.

So sweet.

Day 325

{Embrace the camera}-June 14th