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Day 126- Henry {18 weeks old}


Henry was giggling when I brushed my hair on his face...what a sweetheart

This is a common scene in our house.

Henry spits up and we just turn him towards the floor.

Don't worry, we pick it up :)

I told Reid that I got him a butterrum muffin from Hannaford and he said, ' Oh yes! A butter crumb muffin! I love butter crumbs!" <3



Eli woke up at 4am.

He kicked us for 2 hours until we had to get up.

He then promptly fell asleep on the couch.

He's still cute, despite the early wake up.

Day 133- Henry {19 weeks old}

Day 133- Henry {19 weeks old}

Day 122- Henry- {4 months old}