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Desert Mist Premium Starter Kit

Desert Mist Premium Starter Kit


I am so excited to share that Young Living has created another AMAZING starter kit for you! Four changes are now in place that I am super excited about!

1. The new Desert Mist Diffuser is now available in a kit! I really wish this diffuser was around when I joined, because I love it that much!! ( you can still choose the dew drop, rainstone or aria kits as well) This diffuser runs for 10 hours, it functions as an atomizer and humidifier, offers 10 light options including a candle like flicker setting, if you have little ones in the house, I highly recommend this kit!

2. Thieves Household Cleaner now comes as a sample in your kit! This cleaner is completely plant based and is completely awesome! We clean nearly every surface in our home with this cleaner. One bottle of this concentrate makes 40 32oz bottles of cleaner and only costs about $0.55 a bottle! 

3. Raven Essential Oil now comes in the kit! This oil is amazing for breathing easy and creating a spa like atmosphere. 

4. Citrus Fresh Essential Oil has also joined the line up! If you want something to smell clean and purify your home, this is the oil to grab. It's a very cheerful scent and a lovely addition to the starter kit.

If you are ready to jump on the oily train check out my page on oils and get started today, or feel free to contact me through the contact page! 

Max is 7 months old

Max is 7 months old