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Introvert chat

Introvert chat

For as long as I can remember I was more comfortable in situations with a small group of people I knew well and usually people who were older than me.

I often times felt like something was wrong with me because I wasn’t bubbly and outgoing or willing to make a fool of myself. Because I wasn’t in the majority.

Now that I'm in my 30s and in a career that requires a lot of personal development,  I have been learning a lot about color personalities and the different types of people who exist in this world. I’m a research junkie.

Anyway, I am learning about who I am and learning to be ok with my introversion. I am quiet. I am a people person, but on my own terms. I need to schedule periods of quiet. I only talk when necessary. I am also learning to do things outside of my comfort zone (hi FB live).

I wish I could go back and share truth about who I am with my younger self. I was labeled “stand around girl” and “standoff-ish” because I was quiet. I was seen or described as allergic to people but it’s not who I am.

To my fellow Introverts... what message did you get growing up that made you feel like you were out of place, or different?  How have you grown? And how do you push past your introverted comfort zone?

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