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Day 68-Shots

Today you had your 2 month check up. You are growing well, you now weigh 13lbs 15oz and are 23.5" long. The doctor said that physically you are acting like a 4 month old and that he wouldn't be surprised if you rolled over soon. You did really well and smiled at the doctor and the med student. Then the nurse came back in to give you shots. You were starting to fall asleep, so she gave you the oral vaccination first. She says it tastes bad, but you didn't seem to mind. Then came the shots....the first one startled you, the second ticked you off and the third made you VERY angry. You had huge tears and turned bright red, but it didn't take you long to calm down once Mommy cuddled you. What a good baby. You seem to not be in pain right now. Hopefully you stay happy and don't get a fever...

Day 69

{Embrace the camera} September 2nd