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Day 76-Shoot

Well, I missed another day. I didn't take a picture of you today. Oh well, 2 days out of 76 isn't too bad. :) Well I'll just say what we did today instead. We went to MOM'S group and it was really nice to see all of the ladies, but you missed your nap because we were all so loud. We went shopping with Mormor to find a suit for you and something for me to wear to Bobby & Brenda's wedding. We found a suit, but nothing for me. You ate in the car outside of Macy's and then we went back home. You missed your afternoon nap you slept for 11 hours!! I fed you at the Martelle's house during our Friday night meeting around 8:30 and you fell asleep around 9 and slept until 8am!! Wow! You are an awesome baby Reid!! Daddy and I love you a lot!

Day 77-{11 weeks old}

{Embrace the Camera} September 9th