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Day 153- {5 month letter}

Dear Reid,

You are 5 months old today. It is so awesome to watch you learn and grow each month. I can’t believe all of the things you can do now. 
  • You can sit with your hands supporting you (sometimes you are daring and sit up tall)
  •  You can arch your back and turn your head around to see someone you hear talking.
  • Laugh at something we do.
  •  Eat your feet
  • Change your own schedule when you are tired. 
  • You want to do whatever we are doing. 
  • Scream really loudly. 
  • Try to get our attention in other ways than crying.
  • Turn your self around on the floor.
  • Make many faces to express your mood.

You really like the “manamana” song and the "yodeling song" from the sound of music.  When I played you those songs for you on Youtube, you laughed a lot. Your personality is developing more and more each day. You seem to have a preference to move, to make noise and watch things outside. I have a feeling that you won’t want a desk job when you grow up.
It seems like you have grown an inch or so in the last 2 weeks. Your pants are looser  around your waist now, and they aren’t as long on you.  You are getting so tall little man! I can’t believe that you are almost 1/2 a year old! Daddy and I have enjoyed these last 5 months with you. We are so thankful that God gave us you!!
Love from,
Your Mommy

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