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Announcing Baby B

We found out on December 1st that we are expecting baby #2 in August! The official due date is August 2nd, but I will be having a scheduled C-section at the end of July. We are shocked/surprised/happy/scared/excited/any other emotion you could feel. Reid and Baby B will be 13 months apart. I haven't been as sick with Baby B as I was with Reid, but I've started on good old Zofran, my friend from last pregnancy, it really is a life saver. Besides being tired, we're doing well and Baby B is looking healthy. :)

Here He/She is at 8 weeks 2 days old with a heart rate of 162 BPM

The picture is backwards thanks to photobooth, but you get the idea, it's a side profile of Baby B

Day 187

{Embrace the camera}-December 30th