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Day 245-{8 months old and 35 weeks old}

Dear Reid,
You are 8 months old today.  You are getting so big and have learned so much lately. You are a sweetheart! You enjoy snuggling with me in the morning now and will crawl over to me right before nap time and want to sit on my lap and snuggle. I love those moments and cherish each moment.
In the last month you have learned to crawl!! You started out just doing the army “crawl” and pulled yourself all over the place. Today (your 8 month birthday) you decided to give real crawling a try and you did it! It was a little difficult since you were wearing corduroy overalls on a carpet, but you did it! You also learned to say Mama & Dada. We both love that you call us by name now, it’s a sweet sound. You now have 3.5 teeth, two on the bottom and almost 2 on the top. You are all boy and love to crawl over things and through things and have gotten a few bumps because of your curiosity. You also are learning to pull up on chairs, and the cedar chest by the back door, that makes Mommy SO scared, but you are so proud of yourself every time you do it.
You are growing quite well. There are quite a few pairs of pants and onesies I had to put away because you are getting taller and taller, but you seem to be just like Daddy, as you are  not getting fatter. You are long and lean crawling, jumping, dancing, wiggling machine! :o)
You love looking out the window at whatever activity is going on in the world, which is probably why you love going for adventures in the car, since the scene is always changing. You are a good natured, sweet little boy and Daddy and I couldn’t be happier that God chose to entrust you to us.
I love you more than you know,

Day 246

Day 244