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Day 334-{11 months old}

Dear Reid,
You are 11 months old today. I can not believe that in just one short month you will be 1 year old! You have developed quite the sense of humor this month. The strangest things make you laugh, but we are so glad that this month was filled with so much joy and laughter. You are so awesome!! 
For some reason, we started spitting ice at you one night after dinner and you thought it was the funniest thing! The belly laugh you laughed was such a sweet sound. You also laugh at yourself now...or will start your fake laugh whenever we laugh at something. You think most strange or new noises are funny and will laugh for real or with your “fake” laugh.
You have started to stand unsupported, but the second that you realize what you are doing, you sit right back down. Silly boy. You also have grown quite fond of Bob the monkey. I still think it’s so funny that you named him Bob. :) There have been a few nights that Bob has joined you in your crib and you hug him really closely to your side and fall asleep, it’s adorable. When we are playing in the play room sometimes we will ask where Bob is and you’ll find him, bring him to us and snuggle with us and Bob. 
You have started to sign no and all done, which are the same motions. You shake your head no and wave your arm back and forth...or just make a spitting noise. Sometimes even before I scold you, you tell yourself no by shaking your whole head or body no. It’s so fun to watch you.
From the development of signing no, you have started to dance. You love music, whether it’s a CD in the car, the ipod in the playroom or Daddy playing the piano or drums, you just love it and love to move. 
Your 7th tooth finally broke through your gums this morning. It has been bothering you quite a bit. I always hate to see you in pain, so I am glad the tooth is there and not hurting your little mouth anymore. :)

You make kissing noises now when we blow kisses to you. And just today you started to make fishy lips. :)
We made you a toddler bed this month and you will be moving into that soon. We are a little nervous that you won’t stay in bed and that you won’t sleep, but it’s time. Eli is coming soon and he’ll need a crib to sleep in. 
Oh and let’s not forget that you are becoming more verbal too. You say hi, Mama, Dada and various different noises. You started sticking your tongue in and out against your top lip to make a noise like this,”bliber bliber bliber” and various other loud high pitched noises thrown in for fun.
So basically this month you have been laughing, we have been laughing and you’ve been making the people we bump into smile. You are a joy!

Day 335

{Embrace the camera} May 26th