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Eli-Day 31 {1 month old}

*melt* I love both of my boys so much!!

Dear Eli,
Your first month. What a month it has been! To be honest it’s been pretty hard at times. Being a Mommy of two babies is challenging. Sometimes you are both needing my attention at the same time...and I’m still learning how to take care of you both. Not sleeping is hard, but I know that you will learn that sleeping is a wonderful thing very soon. 
You are a sweet little baby Eli. Your nickname is Peeps because you make the funniest little sqeaks, peeps and what we like to call the “Jake brake”. The Jake brake is really funny, you’ll be very quiet an all of a sudden make a “eh eh eh eh ehhhh” noise. It’s hard to type it, but hopefully we will get it on video soon. :) You look very different from Reid, and I think I can tell already that you act different also. 
You can hold your head up really well and want to see our faces. You tolerate Reid’s hugs and kisses pretty well, with an occasional scream for a hug that’s too tight. You love to be swaddled and hate to have your diaper changed. 
These are the things you have mastered in your first month of life: Eating, eating, eating, eating, pooping, furrowing your brow like your Mormor, kicking, flailing your arms, standing up when we hold you upright, making noises that were mentioned above, looking at the mobile Mommy made for you and only waking up 1 or 2 times to eat in the night (most of the time). You have also started to “coo”, which is so cute!
Daddy and I love you more and more as each day passes.We are enjoying getting to know you and look forward to seeing what your personality will be like. I pray that you will grow to love God one day. You have a fun future ahead of you with a brother who can’t wait for you to be able to play with him. You are a blessing and a sweet reminder that God is so good to us. You are a gift and we want to cherish each moment we have with you.
I love you,
Your Mommy

Day 32

Reid-{14 months old}