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Reid-{14 months old}

Dear Reid,
Happy 14 month birthday! We have seen this grow in you when we brought Eli home. The way you love your brother is pretty fantastic. You want to kiss and hug him and look at all his different parts. You make the cutest noises when you hear or see him. You love to make him wave hi and bye. You are an awesome little boy to be around. Your personality is so sweet and loving. 
This past month in bullets:
  • You learned to sign “more”
  • You learned to sign “please” (sometimes)
  • You regularly sign “all done” now
  • You moved into a new car seat and you get to sit forwards now, you love this.
  • You are pretty much running now instead of walking
  • You “read” books. Usually it sounds like this, “duckaduckaducka, tick i tick i, brrrr”
  • You love to play at the playground. We go to the Eastern Prom playground a lot.
  • You suck your thumb and play with your belly button when you are tired.
  • You now have 12 teeth. The top molars made their appearance this month
  • You can almost pull yourself up onto the couch
  • You don’t really want to eat much. We are told it’s normal...but I can’t wait until you’ll eat what I make for dinner. :)
  • You are seriously addicted to crackers.
Oh, and how could I forget!?! You had your first trip to the ER! We were at camp for the weekend and you burned your hand on the grill. I am proud of how well you handled being at the ER, the first hour at camp was awful. You didn't stop crying until we were driving to the ER...then you fell asleep. I hope we don't go through that again for a very long time.

I love being your Mama and I am getting used to taking care of you and Eli, at the same time. :)

Eli-Day 31 {1 month old}

Eli-Day 30