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Day 123-{4 months old}

November 26, 2011
Dear Eli,
You are now 4 months old! You are getting chunkier and chunkier and taller and taller. You can roll over both ways now and want to sit up on your own SO badly.  You can sort of do the “tripod” sit, but your belly is in the way, so you get mad. You smile and laugh at just about any antics we do or don’t do. In other words you laugh very easily. 
You have enjoyed jumping in the jump a roo and watching your brother run past you this month. You have been resisting afternoon naps, but Mommy has her way of getting/making you sleep. :) You still sleep all through the night, so I really should not complain. 
You are a joy. We are glad that you are our boy and we can’t wait to teach you all about life, playing, and most of all Jesus. You are a special creation, made by Him and we are so glad that He gave us you!!
Love always,

Day 124

Reid-{17 months old}