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Reid-{17 months old}

November 26, 2011
Dear Reid,
You are now almost 1 1/2 years old. This past month your eagerness to learn has exploded! You are learning so many new words that I can’t even remember all of the words you are saying. You love your brother and try to get him to dance, sing or play the piano with you. I love to see you learn and want to understand everything. I think you may be an engineer or a musician. :)
Your favorite thing this month was reading books, with assistance, or on your own. You like it when Mommy or Daddy point to different things on the page and tell you what they are and if we stop too early, you will pick our hands back up to point again.
You are so full of life, love and joy. After you are in bed for the night, Daddy and I will often say that we miss you. There is a certain air of happiness and joy when you are running around the house.
Discipline has been needed more as you are getting smarter and a little bit stubborn. You understand quickly and most of the time, don’t do the offending crime again.
We can’t believe how big you have grown and we LOVE YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!
Love from,

Day 123-{4 months old}

Day 122