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Day 184-{6 months old}

Dear Eli,
I can not believe that it was half a year ago that Daddy and I first met you. We didn’t know then how much fun you would be at 6 months old. You are such a happy boy. 
Since I didn’t have a chance to write a letter last month, this will be a 5 month and six month letter.
You have become very vocal and love to say da da da ba ba ba ma ma. It is so fun to hear you blabbing away to Reid in your jump a roo or to Daddy when he’s trying to bounce you to sleep.  
You reach out and grab toys and food that you want with A LOT of passion. It looks so funny when you are determined to get something, because you literally slap the table and object before grabbing onto it. 
Your eyes are still blue and so expressive, we love you, our blue eyed boy!
You sleep from around 7:30pm-6 or 7am. You have started having a hard time sleeping, so we swaddle you. For now it works and I’m sure, in time, that you will outgrow the need. :) Napping is a challenge. I think it is partially because by the time I lay you down you are too tired to put yourself to sleep. Swaddling has been helpful, but isn’t always successful. We are working on it.:)
You now sit with us at the dinner table. Reid sits in the booster seat and you get to sit in the high chair. You aren’t very interested in us feeding you, but you LOVE to feed yourself. You will pretty much eat anything that we give to you, and usually clean up what Reid doesn’t eat. At your check up today you weighed 19lbs 15oz and you were 27” tall.
You are starting to want to crawl. If we lay you on your belly, you will try REALLY hard to pull yourself across the floor, but you haven’t figured out the leg part yet. :) I think you will crawl very soon.
Overall you are super laid back, love to laugh at just about anything and you are curious about everything! You love stuffed animals, jumping and your brother. You smile at people and then burry your head in my shoulder. You sometimes don’t sleep (Christmas Eve) but we would not change anything about you and love that you are our son. 

First PB&J (Reid's leftover lunch)

Reid-{19 months old}

{Embrace the camera}-January 26th