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Reid-{19 months old}

Dear Reid,
Oh where do I begin? You are becoming such a little boy. I love the way you communicate with us, the way you enjoy life and the way you see the world.
This is really an 18 & 9 month letter, since Mommy didn’t have time to write last month.
You are becoming imaginative and goofy, and we love it! You do things now, knowing that you are being funny or cute. 
You LOVE LOVE LOVE to read. It doesn’t matter what kind of book it is, you will want to pick it up and read it. A lot of times you don’t even want Daddy or I to read to you. I guess you are making up your own stories and reading them out loud to us and yourself. Maisy Mouse, Clifford and any book about fire trucks or trucks are your favorites. You love going to the library every Friday to get MORE BOOKS!
You are our tall skinny child. You still take 2 naps most of the time. You are starting to try new foods. You cross your legs when you sit on the couch and sit indian style on the floor. You lay on your belly to read books. You love to unload the dishwasher with Mama and say thank you (kank koo) after you pass each item to me. You like to hide behind and under things, even clothes racks at Target. You are a monkey
You are talking a lot more and mimic or try to mimic words we ask you to say. You know a few colors and can say a few numbers.Yucky (cucky) is your favorite word. You say I love you, which we all love to hear. 
You are growing and learning so much. I love seeing you absorb the world and enjoy life. You are a sweet, serious, sometimes goofy, curious and awesome little boy. Most nights Daddy and I go to bed and say, “ We just love that boy, he is so awesome.” In other words, WE LOVE YOU A LOT and we are THANKFUL for you! 
Love always,

We had a lot of fun taking pictures today!
Thanks for the help Mormor!

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