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Day 215-{7 months old}

Dear Eli,
You are turning into quite the fun baby! You have grown so much this month, both physically and in how you interact with the world around you. You have learned how to shake your head “no” and LOVE to do this in our car seat and highchair. You are getting so close to crawling and are very efficient at pushing yourself backwards and spinning in circles. It’s really fun to watch you and Reid interact. Reid gets sad when it is time for you to eat one last time before bed, because he knows that he can’t play with you anymore. You say Mama and laugh. You are a snuggle bug (Mama loves that about you). You are SWEET!
You love Sophie the Giraffe and chew on her quite vigorously. The jump a roo is still your favorite place to hang out. :) You also like stuffed animals and blankets.
You are a pretty laid back, easy going, happy, chill and funny baby. We love that you make us laugh.....All of the time. 
Love always,

Day 216

Reid-{20 months old}