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Reid-{22 months old}

Dear Reid,
Mama can not believe that in 2 months you will be 2 years old!
You are turning into such a little boy. You love to climb, swing and "Shliiiide" at the park.
Your favorite slide is the "big, big, big, big slide" at the Falmouth Elementary School.
We have such a blast there, playing in the sandbox, running, sliding, climbing and swinging in the big
red swing. You have the hardest time leaving this playground, but after a couple of whimpers, you
wave goodbye to all of your favorite places to play. :)
You are saying quite a bit now...and will always give a valiant effort to repeat whatever we are saying.
You learned how to sneak...It's adorable. You crouch down and walk really slowly, almost like a lion stalking it's prey.
It is adorable to see you walk around the house like that, giggling the whole way.
You like to look inside of the washing machine and help Mama do the laundry. You also like to sweep and help
me clean the floors and unload the dishwasher, which is always followed by a lot of splashing with Eli.
You got your first and second bloody noses this month. You were playing with Daddy on your bed and fell
and hit your nose right on the corner. It was so sad. You also got 2 of your 2 year molars, it was a rough
couple of weeks. You were in a bit of pain so you sucked your thumb more than normal and didn't sleep well.
We love you very much Reid. You make us laugh a lot with the cute things you say and do. You are a very sweet boy
and we are glad that you are our son!
Love always, Mama

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