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Frequently Asked Questions

  I have noticed a pattern of questions that we are asked a lot. I listed all I can remember here...

Why are you adopting? We are adopting because God really made it clear that this is what He wants us to do. He has really put the longing for a daughter into our hearts, and we knew that our family was not complete with out at least one more baby. I am not able to get pregnant for health concerns. Having had 3 c-sections, there are more dangers involved in carrying another baby. It was a very hard decision, but ultimately, one for the better. Now we get to be part of a beautiful story of finding our daughter. :)

Who are you working with? We are working with Christian Adoption Consultants 

What is Christian Adoption Consultants & what do they do? Christian Adoption Consultants offers us advice and support throughout the entire adoption process. We are working with Leah, she is such a sweet woman who loves Jesus and has a big heart for adoption. We are so thankful that she is there to help us understand things when we need help and to encourage us when we feel overwhelmed. :)

Where are you adopting from? We are adopting from the US for a few reasons. First,  adopting domestically doesn't require as much travel.  Our little guys at home are so young, so we can't really leave them for long periods of time or be in a different country for extended periods of time waiting to come home with our little girl.

Second, it's a shorter process. This is especially true because we are working with Christian Adoption Consultants. They use a multi agency approach, all that means is that we are presented to birth mamas at several adoption agencies.

What state will she come from? We aren't sure, since we haven't applied to agencies yet, but probably, Utah, Florida, Indiana or Texas.

When will you get your baby? We need to get our home study completed before we can apply to agencies, this process takes about 3 months. Once the home study is completed, it is just a matter of a birth mama choosing our family to parent her baby. This could happen quickly, or it may take a while, but ultimately, we know that God has the perfect birth mama and baby picked out for us.

How old will she be? We are hoping to adopt her as a newborn, but are open to up to 3 months old.


Hope that helps some!




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