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What's in a name?

I was going to wait to share the name we have chosen for our daughter, but Reid, being a very normal 4 year old, has been sharing her name with anyone he meets. We have had a girl name picked out since we found out we were pregnant with Reid. We didn't know back then how special of a name it carries even more meaning now knowing that our daughter will be adopted. She isn't just getting a beautiful name, she's also receiving a name with the heritage of her great-great grandmother and her two grandmothers, who love her very much. Her name will be










nora's name post

Nora means: Honor/light and Elaine means: Sun ray she will be our little honorable sunshine :)

Nora Boyhus Sorensen, my Mom's namesake


Nora Ann Gormley, my Mom


Janet Elaine Martin, Steve's Mom



We also want to honor her birth momma, so if she has a name she wants to give her, Nora will have a second middle name. As you pray for our family, now you can add Nora to the list.

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