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A trip to the bank

Reid and I spent the morning together at the dentist and the bank.  Before we left the house I told him we were going to put the money from the Sister jar into the bank and he wanted to bring the whole jar. After a successful trip to the dentist where they counted his teeth and took tooth pictures, we headed to the bank. Reid was very excited to bring the sister jar into the bank.  As we were getting out of the van he said," Mommy, we will bring this money into the bank and bring Nora home, right?" I explained that we have to have a nice lady come visit our family so that she can tell the agency that it's safe to send Nora to our house, and then we can start talking to birth mommies until we find Nora. I also told him that we need to keep saving more money so that we can bring Nora home.  He told me that we should pray that she comes fast because he wants her to be home now, and then we walked into the bank.

He hopped up onto the counter (with my help) and handed the jar to the teller who looked a bit puzzled. We explained that we are adopting and this is the sister jar and told him how excited Reid was to bring the whole jar. He smiled and the girl working the drive thru window turned around also and thought it was sweet. We deposited $917 and got coin rolls for all of the change left in the sister jar.

IMG_8330 2

Oh sweet Nora, you are so very loved.



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