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I keep finding reasons or excuses to not blog lately, so I figure something is better than nothing. So get ready for a few random things and thoughts......  

In exciting news, I found the perfect crib for Nora, for free! on Craigslist! The only hurdle was that it was found on the North Shore of Boston. Thankfully, I have a lovely "cousin" who lives in Boston and went on a little drive to pick up the crib for me. The crib arrived and I LOVE IT! THANK YOU KRISTIN!!!!



Reid has been super sweet about Nora lately. He thinks about her often.  When he saw the crib he said that he will put his hands inside the crib through the side and say hi to Nora and if he put his foot in then she could tickle him. He melts my heart. Strangely enough Eli and Henry just want to sleep or jump in the crib :)


We completed our home study paper work and mailed it in December 6th. The past few weeks have been strangely busy and it felt like the last few details were taking forever to finish. I have to keep reminding myself that God is guiding the time line of our adoption and not me...I need to chill out. So that is what I have done....well mostly.


DECEMBER 6th: We finally got the last details of the home study packet finished this morning. I went over the check list while Steve made a FaceTime call to Papa & Mimi with the boys. I had done everything but bring out our birth certificates and marriage certificate. I printed those out and checked the list again. It was complete and ready to send. I think I felt more excited than nervous, but nerves were there as well. Probably more for a silly reason than for anything serious. :) It felt scary to send in personal information and the $1,200 check. I prayed that God would provide the rest of the money we need and to help me relax. WE all hopped into the car in the ice and snow and headed to the post office in Gray. On the way over I told Reid that we were mailing out important papers, we explained that it was one of the important steps to get Nora home but that we still has a lot more work to do. He said ok and kinda seemed like he understood. I went in and Steve stayed with the boys. When I came back out and we were backing out of the post office Reid said, "Ok so now we will go to the hospbubble." We asked him why and he said, " I thought we could go and get Nora now." Oh that boy, he melted our hearts again. We told him that we still have more work to do before we can bring Nora home, he seemed a little sad but understood that we can't get her yet. What a sweet boy with a tender heart towards is baby sister.



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