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Woohoo!! Our home study was finished on April 3rd! We are very excited to have the paper work for this part of our adoption done. So we are officially seen as competent adoptive parents! We both felt that we need to save some more money and fundraise before we start showing our profile to birth moms. So be on the lookout for our fundraiser in the next couple of weeks! We are still working on finishing the paperwork for the adoption grant and adoption loan applications and hope to get those done soon. It's a lot of work to compile the information that they need, but we are picking away it. In the mean time, keep praying for us as we step into the next part of our adoption and pray for Nora and her birth mom too.  Who knows...she could be growing in her mommy's womb right now....




Saving for Nora

Home study, research and grants and a whole lot of love