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Saving for Nora

The other night Steve and I were talking about how some day we can tell Nora about how many funny things we did to save money to adopt her. So I figured I should make a list of the things we have sold or done to share with you all... :) Ceiling fan

Patio table & benches


Bottle returns

Racing helmet

a bajillion (feels that way) iphone repairs

Superhero capes made by my Mom

Handmade dolls made by my Mom

A guitar amp cover

Making our own food  (salsa, spaghetti sauce etc)

Making our own hair products

Adding spare change to the "sister jar"

Rebate from Toyota for some settlement thing

Old dishwasher

Photo Mat cutter....


I just set aside a pile of things in the basement to sell and add to the adoption fund. So we can add to the list above:

cloth diapers

ninja blender

high chair

studio photography lighting

Nintendo DS XLi

and I'm sure there is some more too:)

It's fun to get rid of things to free up space but it's more fun to think that those things will help bring our baby girl home!





Fundraiser Time!