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  So, I think Instagram has officially eaten my blog. With most days occupied with adoption papers and the busyness of three little men, the thought of sitting down to write on the blog was tiring šŸ˜œ So here we go. There is probably a lot more that I could write but I will  start with answering some of the recent frequently asked questions  :) Are you matched with an expectant mom?Not yet. We started seeing situations this week and will continue to pray that we know which expectant moms to present to. So far we have seen one situation and didn't feel peace about presenting. 

What is presenting? Presenting is when we see an expectant mom's information and hopes in an adoptive family and then decide if we are going to show our profile book to her to be considered as the adoptive family for her baby.  

 How much money do you have saved/or have you raised? We currently have  about $8,000 and if all $2500 is raised for our matching grant we will have about $13,000. We are still waiting to hear back about several grants that we applied for.   

Where are you adopting from? We are pursuing a domestic adoption and will most likely adopt in Florida.  

 Why are you adopting? We are adopting because we want a daughter to love and we are unable to have any more biological children because of difficult pregnancies and deliveries.  


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